Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance & Privacy Insurance: protecting your business data and digital assets

Understanding cyber-crime and the risk to your business can be complicated. If you use emails, send or receive documents electronically, hold personal information and or transact sales online – we can help provide the right Cyber Insurance & Privacy Insurance and advice to protect your business.

Online security is vital when it comes to managing risk in your business. The likelihood of hacking, scams and invasion of your digital space is rising. Industry experts are highlighting cyber-crime as one of the most critical issues facing businesses, organisations and individuals in today’s digital World.

We can provide expert help understanding the complexity of Cyber Insurance & Privacy Insurance.

Cover for Cyber Risk

Mason Gray Insurance and Risk work closely with leading Cyber Liability & Privacy insurers. Policies typically cover the following critical risk exposures: 

  • Data restoration and remediation costs
  • Loss of business income as a result of a security or privacy breach
  • Social engineering and phishing resulting in payments being made to fictitious bank accounts
  • Third party claims arising from a failure to keep data secure

If you want to protect your business from cyber-crime, we can help.

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