Cyber Risk Managment

Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk is a significant  challenge for small and medium business enterprise. In recent times there has  been a significant increase in cyber-attack, costing business’s  both financially and loss of  intellectual property. Many small business do not upgrade their software operating systems and unless you are an IT specialist you are probably not going to have the skills to mange this risk on your own.

So how can we help?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Does your office have email and web filtering scanning software?
  • Do you have a Firewall and data encryption?
  • Do you regularly back up your data and is it secure?
  • Do you train your staff to recognize possible threats and identify a breach?
  • If you do have an issue do you have you an agreed response plan in place and are all your staff aware?
  • Do you have the right cyber and privacy protection liability insurance policy for your business?
  • If you  do have insurance do you understand your policy obligations so the policy will respond to a claim?

If your answer is no to just one of these questions you may need help to secure your systems and business. While we can not update your systems we can provide Insurance and Risk Management advice about Cyber and Privacy Protection Insurance and help you develop a plan of action to address the risks you face and ensure your policy works for you .

If you would like to know more please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss. email us [email protected]