Referral Networking

Why join a structured referral group? there is a “universal groan, not another early morning, I don’t have time I tried it once it didn’t work etc,” My personal gripe not more eggs I really do not like them.

But there is a major benefit which is often overlooked and is key to successful networking for business. “Relationships “

You can only build a trusted relationship if you regularly see someone, how often do we hear “long distance relationships never work” This applies to Business too, you can not have quality long-term repeat business with someone you don’t know.

We are programmed to want to be safe, we are no longer running around hunting and living in caves fighting off intruders so we achieve our security and success through our family and business network work our community.

A referral group can help us do this meeting 20+ business owners weekly for a year cannot fail to bring us connections, you may not love everyone, it can be repetitive but take along a positive attitude you will have everything to gain.  relationships will grow and strengthen great things can happen. If you’re interested in giving it a try

The museli is awesome!