Risk Management

Risk Management Plans that diagnose and treat your risks

Risk is an inherent part of life and business, and the principles and practice of risk management apply to a broad cross-section of businesses and organisations. Risk management planning is an important discipline for all businesses and a key element of good corporate governance.

At Mason Gray Insurance and Risk, we are not simply insurance brokers. We have a deep understanding of risk management which includes the development of robust risk management plans for your organisation, whether you are at the early stages of growth or long established. Our Risk Management Plans are developed in accordance with the Australian and International Standard AS/NZS ISO31000: 2009

Stages of Risk Management Planning

The development of a Risk Management Plan has a number of key stages:

  1. Establish the Context of the plan and process
  2. Identify the internal and external risks to your business
  3. Analyse the risks
  4. Evaluate current risk controls and their efficacy
  5. Risk Treatment – Implement effective treatment of the risks identified

The plan is then monitored, reviewed and improved on a regular basis and/ or when the risks to the business change or develop.

Our practical approach is an important service for businesses and organisations requiring an effective risk management plan which can be clearly understood and implemented.

Want to manage your risk more effectively? We can help.