The Mason Gray Difference

Insurance without the guesswork and assumptions

Mason Gray Insurance and Risk provides professional insurance broking services and risk management advice which is very different to the ‘tick-the-box’ process you experience when you go direct to an insurance company.

We take the time to understand your unique circumstances and as a result we provide advice and insurance solutions which are specific to you and your business.

Our services range from personal insurance to comprehensive business insurance to complex business risk mitigation plans. The process always begins by talking to you in person and taking the time to understand your risks.

After a thorough assessment of your requirements, you receive independent professional advice on the most suitable insurance cover for you and your business. If there is more than one choice, we use clear and simple language and explain the differences to you.

After cover is arranged if you need to make a claim, we are by your side all the way. We manage the claims process and negotiate settlements with your insurer which means you don’t have to worry or spend hours on the phone to call centres.

Certainty you are protecting what matters

As a professional insurance broking firm, Mason Gray Insurance and Risk is fully accountable for the advice you receive. We work closely with you to reduce the risk of being under insured, over insured, buying the wrong insurance or paying excessive premiums.

Experience, knowledge and up-to-date information

Our extensive national and international experience gives us an unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge about insurance and risk management. Our vast network of contacts with leading insurance companies keeps us constantly updated with knowledge of insurance industry trends and emerging risks.

Personal Touch

We value personal connections with people and businesses and always strive to have face-to-face meetings where possible. We treat our clients as people, not policy numbers, and are here for you in the long run.

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